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Diskus Bronze Award - January 2009
Dear Lil,
after careful deliberation your colorful website convinced us now to lend you an award.
You are an extraordinarily creative webmistress with enormously many ideas.
We see your efforts to better your website and for this we send you today our DISKUS AWARD in Bronze ID.326 and we hope, you enjoy it.

Best wishes from the team of the Diskus Award Program.
France 22.01.2009

Websawards: Rating-Level 5
UWSAG: Rating-Level 5
F.R.I.: Rating-Level 5
Awards: Rating-Level 5
PAI: Rating-Level 5
ABAM - Membro 5.5
WSAPTRONIC-Award-Index: Rating Level 5
Anubis-Award-Index: Platinum Level 6

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