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CLL Bronze Award - November 5,  2009
Hi Lil Dymun,
I'm pleased by announcing, that your site "DymunArt™ Creations" is a Bronze Award winner of my "CLL Website Awards". Also, thank you very much for inviting me to evaluate your excellent site with the content of Internet graphics, websets, clipart and Signature tag tutorials for Corel Paint Shop Pro. Navigation is relevant and exhaustive. Pages are proper-sized with high consistency. Coding complies high standards. Backgrounds, fonts and graphics are well selected lending support to a harmonious whole. In its entirety your site is very pleasant to visit.
With best regards,
Juhani Kerkkonen
CLL Website Awards - AS! 4.0 W3CAR - UWSAG 4 SOA Participant - WA 4.0 - AWARD 4.5 - BEI 8.0

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