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The design of this site and the graphics contained herein are created and copyrighted to myself, Lil Dymun/DymunArt Creations. All items offered for download or sale are created by DymunArt Creations. Images used in my graphics are purchased from various venders, and I have abided by their respective Terms of Use (TOU). I have accounts at CILM, MPT, Dreams Time, Rachel Tallamy and the Photo Stock exhange to name a few. I also use Free To Use (FTU) picture tubes and scraps obtained through Group shares. There are no known copyright infringements on this site.
There are a few pages ( no for sale items) with music files. Credit is given to the artists and links to their sites are also included where applicable. The music is provided for enjoyment only. No commercial use is herein and no copyright infringement exsist. The site background and design graphics are NOT available for download. PLEASE DO NOT copy/remove from this site. Visit my 'Web Sets' page to download 'Linkware' sets or request a custom set.

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