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Content Frame
This webset includes:
2 Headers
3 Backgrounds
2 Vertical Panels
4 Bars
1 Photo Frame
1 Content Frame
1 Guestbook Graphic
7 Navigation Buttons
Logo Button
Readme file ( This file contains the "Terms Of
Use for this webset and the script for the
scrollbar colors. )
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entire zip file.
Font color=Vanilla [#fbebcb]
Webset color=Vanilla Bean [#533805]
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Photo Frame
horizontal bar
horizontal bar
Nav but - About
nav button
nav button
Nav but - Contact
Email Me
Nav but -  Home
nav button
Vanilla Bean Header 1
Vanilla Bean
vertical bar
vertical bar
vertical panel 1
vertical panel 2
Vanilla Bean Webset
Guestbook graphic
Convey Translator button
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